About Dutch

M. H. Dutch Salmon is an author, angler and enthusiast of hunting with coursing hounds. He is a former member of the New Mexico State Interstate Stream Commission and the New Mexico State Game Commission. He is active in homesteading on his 12 acre plot and works tirelessly for conservation causes in southwest New Mexico.

Dutch’s books include:

Gazehounds & Coursing: The History, Art and Sport of Hunting with Sighthounds

Gila Descending: A Southwestern Journey

Tales of the Chase: Hound Dogs, Catfish and Other Pursuits Afield

The Catfish as Metaphor: A Fisherman’s American Journey

Home is the River (novel)

Signal to Depart (novel)

Forty Freedoms (novel)

Country Sports: The Rabid Pursuits of a Redneck Environmentalist

Gila Libre!: New Mexico’s Last Wild River

Dutch’s books are available at www.high-lonesomebooks.com

One thought on “About Dutch

  1. Greetings Mr Salmon!
    I don’t know if you are the “Mr Salmon ” I taught school with in San Antonio, Texas. I was looking for fishing information ,and came across your website. Are you the one who taught school at St. Paul’s?
    Sincerely, Mary Lou

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